MOT in NI with mainland UK registered car

MOT in NI with mainland UK registered car



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Tuesday 10th July 2018
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I've just moved over to my parents in Northern Ireland after finishing university in the UK.

My car has mainland UK plates and is just coming up to 3 years old.

I've had a MOT reminder sent to book a MOT as the car is due for its first test at the end of the month and when booking for a test at one of the test centres over here it said my car isn't due one for another year as Northern Ireland's system is 4 years from new instead of 3.

I will only be here temporarily, hopefully only for the next 6 months whilst I save money to move back to England, so what happens when I take my car back to England between the 3rd / 4th year where I haven't done my MOT due to the car being in NI?

Also another quick question, my cars registered address is in NI but I still have UK plates, is there something I need to do to register the car in NI or do I not need to bother?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


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Tuesday 10th July 2018
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DVLA all cover everything...

But if the car is registered to an address here ( NI with a V5 (NI ) ), then it will not need an MOT until it is 4 years old.

If booking an MOT, waiting times here are around 4 weeks

What the actual registration on the car is doesnt really matter as it means little these days