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Thursday 1st August 2019
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Hello Everybody
I am off for my yearly ish family trip to NI and was hoping for some help.
We usually stay in castle rock or close by and this year im putting a few early mornings or late nights aside for some fun driving.

I have a 99 Accord Type R with some fun extras, and hopefully it won't blow up on me.
Can any of you suggest some good routes or roads around in the north within an hr or so for me to experience.?

Also is there anything fun car related happening in NI aug 8-16th.

Taa all smile


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Friday 2nd August 2019
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Well the obvious would be the Antrim coast road but there's loads of fun mountain roads in the Sperrins and Antrim Glens too. Coast road has great views and nice twisties but the mountains get you hairpins. Fun if you can dodge the tractors and tourists.