Good alarm fitter in Bromley area

Good alarm fitter in Bromley area



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Wednesday 30th June 2004
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Hi all,

Wanting to get a decent alarm on my new car - Clifford Concept 300 or something like that.

Any recommendations on places that will do the job properly, not full of spotty gits who fit stereos all day long and taking everything out for a thrash for "testing" purposes ?

Further afield is fine if they're any good!


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Wednesday 30th June 2004
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Try Gap Security, they come to you and will fit it on your drive... professional fitters, no spotty gits.

They fitted an alarm to my car last October, everything aok and all electrics still working.


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Saturday 3rd July 2004
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Theres a place in Homesdale Road that has a very good reputation, but Im afraid I dont know their name.

They are about halfway up (or down) on the left (or right) !!!

Trust me, you cant miss them.



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Saturday 17th July 2004
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Bit late on this one but can recomend Orpington Car Stereo in Orpington high street. They fitted a Thachum cat 1 alarm system to an olm BMW of mine and they have done install work for me. They dont mind you hanging about seeing what they are doing.