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Wednesday 12th May 2004
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Can anyone recommend a decent car valet place in the Sevenoaks/Tonbridge/Maidstone area? There's a good place in Ashford, but I prefer to find somewhere closer to home/work.

I reckon the RS2 deserves a professional wash and polish.


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Wednesday 12th May 2004
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There's a good one in Tunbridge Wells. high Brooms ind estate called Kansas City.

A new one just opened in the north farm ind estate, but I haven't tried that one yet.


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Wednesday 12th May 2004
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Phone a guy called Manny on 07788742623. He is based in Oxted/Westerham and has a mobile valeting service. He spruced up my S6 before I sold it and it looked like it had just come off the forecourt. He would come to you no problems. If I am not mistaken the valet was something like 60, but I may be wrong.



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Tuesday 27th July 2004
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I used a bloke called Mark Underwood, came from down South somewhere, drove to me (5hrs I think it took him!) Spent the whole day cleaning the car, and left me with some amazing cleaning products!

See my profile for a picture and how good the car came up!

He can be contacted through