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Wednesday 28th July 2004
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Is there any chance of getting 98 RON fuel anywhere in the US?

If not, what can ya get?


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Wednesday 28th July 2004
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As far as I know, US premium is about the same octane rating as our standard unleaded.
Maybe 1 octane higher.


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Wednesday 28th July 2004
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In Europe they use RON only numbers. In the U.S. we use (RON+MON)/2 to get the octane number. The 98 RON gas in Europe is approximately equal to the 94 octane in the U.S. The 95 RON is closer to the 91 super grades in the U.S.

Most stations here in the mid-west have 93 octane premium with a few (Sunoco for instance) having a 94 also. At higher altitudes 91 octane premium is the norm.


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Thursday 29th July 2004
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I have gotten Sunoco's GT100 unleaded and it has 105 ron in Lincoln NE. It's around $4 a gallon. Fun stuff thou.

It's interesting noticing how the car reacts to this. The mpg calculator goes off the charts. The car takes several more revolutions to fire up but I believe there is a little more power. (96 bmw M3) I think the compression ratio in my car is pretty high (can't remember) so it takes use of the higher ron.

Sunoco will also sell 55 gallon barrels of any of their fuels.

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