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'Heads up' for Ph'ers in the Chicagoland area

'Heads up' for Ph'ers in the Chicagoland area



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Sunday 12th August 2012
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Geneva Concours d'Elegance - 26th August ( http://genevaconcours.net/)

I know there are a few members in the area, and this may be of interest.

Last year was excellent, apart from the serious metal competing for shiniest smile, there are multiple car clubs exhibiting as well. It is even fun to watch all the enthusiasts arriving, I lost count of the number of Ferraris that were parked up, or crusing around. I even saw my first TVR over here (a wedge) parked up on the street.

dvs-dave - you will be able to 'waft' out the Regan in your new purchase. wink

Geneva is a quaint (by USA standards) little town and I guarantee a great day out.




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Monday 13th August 2012
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Thanks for the info. I have put it in my diary. Other Ph`ers I have met up with since arriving here last year are dvs_dave, Roo and vetteheadracer.
There is also the Supercar Saturday happening at Bolingbrook on September 1st.