Moving to the US info

Moving to the US info



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Friday 5th June 2020
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Thank you for the kind words guys. A massive thanks as well for the advice that's been offered on this thread over the last few years, it's been invaluable.


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Wednesday 10th June 2020
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offspring86 said:
This brings us up to now, we've replied to the RFE and are back to waiting on the application to progress again. We've no idea how long we'll have to wait
USCIS don't half like to make you wait....

It did seem however that every time I logged on, something would then happen in the next day or two - though this may have been due to me logging on far too often....

visa journey is decent at guestimating wait times - find people going for the same visa with the same processing center and compare. I was within a week or two of people with similar situations.

What are you planning on doing work wise?