Cost to move furniture to USA seems a lot higher!

Cost to move furniture to USA seems a lot higher!



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Wednesday 5th July 2017
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We're bracing ourselves for our third transatlantic move in the autumn, and I'm surprised how expensive it's become! So far as I recall, the last 2 moves cost around £3000 from Nottingham to Los Angeles in 2003, and around $4500 from Delaware to London in 2010. In each case, it was for half a 40-foot container to fit 2 x sofa, 2 x bed, and lots of bits'n'bobs.

This time round, Brittania are quoting £6300 for London to LA for the same load, which is a bit startling! Has anybody got any recent experience or recommendations?

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Wednesday 5th July 2017
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Bear in mind the pound is worth a lot less relative to the dollar than it was back then. (fk you brexit, you cost me a fortune when I bought a house in DC a couple of months ago.)

I just had some stuff shipped from my parents place in MC to the US via Cadogan Tate; not sure if they're cheap (I am guessing probably not) but their service was amazing.


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Friday 4th August 2017
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That seems high, it's probably related to sterling in some way but I had a fill container shipped from the UAE to Boston not so long ago and it was circa £3,800 so that seems high to me.

The guys I used were UAE based so probably no use to you. Will see if I can dig out the company that shipped my stuff from UK to UAE as they were good as well.