Which car insurance do you use, NY state

Which car insurance do you use, NY state


satans worm

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Tuesday 14th November 2017
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So as the question implies , I bought an Audi s5 5 years old last May and paid progressive the handsome amount of 1750 usd for 6 months.
It hurt a bit, given I’m a 46 year old who has had a driving license for 29 years, but I get it, and m an unknown risk etc.
People told me not to worry, it will halve when I renew( note friends, not progressive) however now at renewal, and it’s actually increased 100!
I tried geico, got it 200 less but still not the heavier discount I was hoping for.
Is this normal? Any other insurance companies you guys can recommend?

Bob T

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Wednesday 15th November 2017
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Are you sure they have they got all your current details?
I started with Progressive arranged through a broker. When I came to renew the quote was almost the same price but I noticed the broker hadn't recorded that I now had my US drivers license (which I had told them about).
Went looking online with all details including social security number etc.
Price went from 1270 usd with Progressive down to 462 usd with Geico!
Needless to say I dumped the broker...
This was Feb 2017 in MD


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Thursday 23rd November 2017
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I use Geico. They are cheap but I haven't had to claim from them so far...

jeff m2

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Monday 27th November 2017
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Geico are only cheap to people with points or short history who other companies load heavily..
Once you have made a couple of renewals try State Farm.

Or join the A.A. and get insured thru them, cheaper than Geico. I think you have to be a member for one year before you can apply. Join now.
Costs around $80 family membership.


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Monday 4th December 2017
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My experience with Insurance in the US is to change every 6 months. There is always an excuse why your insurance is going up but once you have resolved that there is another excuse. I switch between Geico and Met Life. I had to leave GEICO last because they decided the parts for my car had increased in price since my last renewal.

Bundling is often touted as a huge save but normally comes out at under 3% benefit. Paying through pay check does benefit me so worth looking at.


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Friday 8th December 2017
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I had my Vette and wifes VW CC on statefarm and it worked out to be something like $1600 a year.

Switched to Geico, had my Vette, Truck and Wifes CC and it was $1400 a year for all 3!

Wish we had Geico in the UK