anyone been to a nascar race?

anyone been to a nascar race?



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Monday 11th March 2019
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Hey folks,
It might seem a bit of an amateur question, but i was thinking of taking my 3 year old son along to Nascar race. He has a fairly short attention span, so i was wondering if we go to watch Nascar, are there supporting races, as well as the main race? Is it a full day of track action, are there supporting classes, cars etc, or is it all about the qualifying and big race for the full Nascars?
Thanks a lot!
A Kiwi in Arizona.


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Tuesday 12th March 2019
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I have never been to a race but I have driven a couple on tracks. They are bloody loud. Take ear protection.

The Moose

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Thursday 14th March 2019
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I went to Sonoma Raceway a couple of years back.

As had been said, it’s freaking loud! You have no idea!!!

I thought we’d be ok after the pack had split up. Within a handful of laps I dispatched the wife to get ear plugs.

At Sonoma there was loads to do other than watching the race.

Awesome experience - you’ll love it!


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Saturday 16th March 2019
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Been to the Daytona 500 twice and both times were fantastic!

Watching Nascar on TV is like paint drying but when you're there the noise, the atmosphere, all the stuff going on around the race, just brilliant. It's not Le Mans but highly recommended.


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Thursday 23rd May 2019
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I went to the race at MIS once. I've checked that box and don't need to repeat it. I wouldn't bother until you can watch an entire race on TV together without somebody zoning out.

Gene G

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Friday 21st June 2019
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Take him to Daytona. The July race is just a few weeks away. If you haven’t been to Daytona since the spent millions of dollars on the “stadium “ as the call it you need in go. I have taken all of my kids to Daytona and it is an experience that they still talk about.