Shipping classic motorcycle from UK to USA

Shipping classic motorcycle from UK to USA



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Monday 6th May 2019
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Hi chaps,

Anyone on here shipped a classic motorcycle across the pond?
Anyone recommend a certain company?
Example prices?

I've lived in the US (Indiana) for 7 years, and I'm a Green card holder.

The bike is a 1955 BSA Golden Flash, my grandfather bought it new and currently the V5 in my Dad's name.
The plan is to bring it over to the US and it will remain here permanently with me and then passed on to my kids.

It won't happen until end of next year, and for now some limited Google searching didn't help much.

I'd like to hear from people who have done it for any motorcycle.


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Tuesday 7th May 2019
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I haven’t. There’s a guy on AdvRider in the flea
Market selling a Yamaha Tenere that is UK registered but in the US.

Maybe worth dropping him a message. I don’t know if he tried to register and failed or something else.

Good luck!

ETA: Maybe this would help?

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