Daytona Bike week 2020 advice

Daytona Bike week 2020 advice



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Tuesday 2nd July 2019
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Hello ,

I'm looking to visit the Daytona bike week 2020 and hoping to get some guidance on what to see, where to say and the possibility of motorbike hire, thinking of 3 to 4 days at the event then traveling on somewhere else.

If anyone can give any info/help would be appreciated

Matt Harper

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Wednesday 3rd July 2019
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I live relatively close to Daytona Beach and have been a few times.

It can get a bit sordid and is very heavily policed in recent years.

It's a kind of polarized event - there are several 'factions' that seem to do their own thing. The hard-ass biker gang mob - who tend to be a little disdainful of this event - and have gravitated more to the Leesburg event, the pseudo-bikers - accountants, orthodontists and lawyers on $50k Hardly Movingson baggers, wife-beater shirts and safety bandanas - and finally the ethnic crotch-rocket brigade - predominantly black and hispanic men and women on Hayabusas with the back wheel 2 feet behind the seat fairing. So, a veritable circus of strangeness.

Unless you are prepared to spend a LOT of money on a hotel, don't stay in Daytona Beach - budget hotels are grimey, threadbare and awash with bodily fluids from the endless stream of bikers, spring-breakers and NASCAR cow-pokes. Consider Deltona, Sanford or Deland for accommodation.

The Daytona 200 is absolutely worth sticking around for.

Motorcycle rental is available from several suppliers/dealers in Orlando - but is quite expensive - easy to Google.

Finally, the weekend after - head to Sebring FL for the quite fantastic WEC/IMSA double-header sportscar races.

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