Los Angeles - 2 days free. What car or bike ....

Los Angeles - 2 days free. What car or bike ....



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Tuesday 7th January 2020
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.... things can i do.

Dear all. I have a bike tour this Sept riding from LA to Daytona.

I have 2 free days in LA and staying close to the LAX (I did a similar trip in 18 and did the Perstersons museum).

I would like to find out what I can do that has any relation to anything bike or car.

I would aim to Uber to these places and I know close to LAX is Automobile Driving Museum

I may look at car hire for the 2 days

Any suggestions apart from in the link. Any top tips from local Angelino's



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Saturday 7th March 2020
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Lots of car activities on the weekend. Supercar Sunday usually has a good mix of motors, then a nice drive through the canyons to the Pacific Ocean and PCH. Malibu car meet slightly earlier, though not every weekend IIRC.

If your Friday evening is free then Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank is a decent, informal gathering of old school Americana and anyone else who wants to join in.

If you have a Sunday free then look into Angeles Crest and stop in at Newcombes Ranch. LOTS of cars and bikes up there and you’ll likely bump into Jay Leno. Watch out for the police however, lots of people die up there getting carried away/running out of talent etc and they take a dim view if you get pulled over. Absolutely glorious up there though, so definitely worth the drive.

Depending on your dates, potentially Sunset GT, Supercar Saturday at Lamborghini Newport Beach (easy drive down from LAX area on Saturday morning).

Give Turo.com a try if looking for a fun car. A few Alfa 4Cs and others on there at reasonable prices. Hertz at LAX have a Nissan GTR, new Aston Vantage and a few Posche 911/Cayman variants too.