California Highway 1 Is it all burnt up?

California Highway 1 Is it all burnt up?



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Monday 13th January 2020
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We are planning to drive Highway 1 from San Francisco to San Diego over 6 days at the end of March this year.

I am concerned that there may be large areas damaged by the recent forest fires, are there any locals on here who can advise me please?

Also any recommendations on hotels/motels to stay, maybe stay at one for two nights? Is this feasible with the drive and things to look at en route?


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Monday 13th January 2020
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The Muir fire burned around highway 1 back in October, so you might see some blackened brush or trees... but I don't think there have been any local fires since.

Certainly nothing that would make the road in any way impassable.

Fire season should be more or less over, so things will be growing again where the brush has been scorched back.


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Thursday 23rd January 2020
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I drove it last Christmas and it’s great fun. There is a section which has only (relatively) recently reopened following a landslide so should be a nice run now.

Big Sur / 17 mile drive around Monterey is stunning.

San Fran can be a bit sticky to get over Golden Gate Bridge.

Giant red woods near the top of California also worth detouring off the PCH for.