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Tuesday 3rd June 2014
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Had my Phantom Black B7 RS4 Saloon 'enhancement detailed' the other day and I loved the results that Nick achieved. The car had a lot of 'haze' and a few markings that a previous owner had out on and a recent un-avoidable scratch, keeping it a bay was a nightmare, as much as I love cleaning my car and the time spent. The result was fantastic and the best it's ever looked. The service was brilliant, honest and genuine and always happy to talk about options/techniques used etc. Thoroughly recommended and will definately be back for other stuff smile

Book your pride and joy in for done awesome detailing.


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Wednesday 11th June 2014
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Another thumbs-up for Nick from me. I booked in my husband's car for a detail as an anniversary present, and it looks fantastic. I was planning on having my RR done anyway, so I booked that in for directly afterwards. I'm not going to show you the "before" pic because it'd just been greenlaning and it was somewhat mucky, despite a quick hose-down, but the "after" is great. He'll be doing my Roadie as well once the weather stops being so nice! wink

Highly recommended. Top bloke who does a great job.


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Friday 13th June 2014
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Just had the other half's Touareg done as well. We bought the car for a good price from a car supermarket knowing that it was good mechanically but hadn't had much love from a paint perspective. I knew the difference would be massive and we weren't disappointed when we collected, a total transformation.


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Sunday 29th March 2015
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Just had an enhancement detail with Cquartz coating, interior detail, alloy wheels protection, and a vinyl wrap on the roof. Nick did an awesome job on the car, especially on one of the diamond cut wheels, which needed a little bit of TLC to bring it back to its best.

Nick was great at answering all of my questions and fitting the work in around my schedule. I thoroughly recommend getting him to look after your pride and joy!


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Friday 14th August 2015
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Given that this thread lead me to Nick / DMC in the first place (when I finally decided to have my 993 detailed) it makes sense for me to jump back in and tell you how I got on. In short, Nick's great, definitely knows his stuff, and I highly recommend too - he made my 993 look like a million dollars - it probably hasn't looked as good since it rolled off the Zuffenhausen production line almost 20 years ago! He was also kind enough to record the process, so I've pulled out some of the best bits, inc his Detailing Aftercare Info, which is very useful, on a blog post here:


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Sunday 16th August 2015
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Thumbs up from me too, he did my DC5 a couple of years ago smile

the pips

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Monday 17th August 2015
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Nick detailed my 1985 SL500 a few weeks ago. When he was finished the car looked just perfect. My wife drove it up to Silverstone Classic and while waiting to get into the campsite a gentleman from Cheshire Classics gave her his card and told her to get it touch if we wanted to sell. Probably the best endorsement I can give.