Average Speed Cameras - M4

Average Speed Cameras - M4


Cupra Black

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Wednesday 20th May
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I have been using the M4 everyday during lock down (only between 11-12).

Has anyone else noticed the number of drivers taking no notice of the 50mph speed limit (with some probably doing near normal speeds)?

Do they think the cameras are not working during lock down, perhaps they know something I don't.


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Wednesday 20th May
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Similar on the M3. It's been quiet enough that you really notice the people that are pushing on down there at well over 70. In all the time i've driven that stretch, since they introduced the cameras, I've never seen them as active / flashing as much as they have been these last 7-8 weeks since the restrictions came in.


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Thursday 11th June
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57 on the clock seems to be safe.


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Saturday 20th June
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Zarco said:
57 on the clock seems to be safe.
Depends on the car.

My car dash reading 57 is a gps of 57, I personally wouldn't drive that fast in a 50 average speed zone.


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Monday 27th July
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Ive noticed the same too. I drive into Acton every day from Reading with cruise on 50, but with a max of 53.
I have loads of cars daily that pass me doing about 70. They must get home to loads of brown envelopes every week !.


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Monday 27th July
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58 actual speed is fine on that section but you choose your own number and let everyone else take their own risks.