Cat Stereo Installer ?

Cat Stereo Installer ?



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Monday 15th June
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Hi Folks,

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone to install a car stereo in a classic Mini ?

I’m near Camberley, but happy to travel for the right people.



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Monday 15th June
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I used Unique in Lightwater last year to fit a USB headunit & new speakers in my 205 GTI.

In my case they were quite happy with me suppying the bits myself and they just charged the small amount of labour it took to fit everything / change the wiring connectors from the old o.e blocks.


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Wednesday 17th June
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Bannings in Guildford did one for me last year. Very good. And cheap. Only something like £90 to fit aftermarket unit including microphones etc all tucked away next to rear view mirror.