Supplier found for re-veneering dashboard as original style

Supplier found for re-veneering dashboard as original style



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Thursday 21st February 2019
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Hello, that was really a sunshine story. You did absolutely the right thing. Just stepping into the lions nest and simply take your property back. , Rupert wasnt present which probably saved him from being duly sorted out.
I have submitted below website in order to find fellow victims and also to warn others from falling into the hands of this Rupert character.

Anyone being subject to this freudelent scammer is welcome to contact me. Maybe together we can find a way to straighten him out.


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Wednesday 1st February
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Hello, I am also a victim of Rupert Cummings. Our original dash is with him... and already paid him in full I really want it back as this is the original dash, even without the money. Can anyone help me with an address?


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Saturday 18th March
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I can send me a message