New TVR confirmed

New TVR confirmed



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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Just received this press release from TVR Engineering


Revered British sports car brand, TVR, is roaring back to production with an incredible all-new Cosworth powered sports car, engineered in collaboration with F1 and road car design legend, Gordon Murray
TVR has developed a product and launch programme that will see at least four new models brought to market over the next ten years
Positioning and pricing set to be consistent with TVR’s past market positioning and highly competitive within its segment

The iconic British car brand, TVR, has today announced that it will return to the market with an all-new British designed and built sports car. The company, which boasts an outstanding new management team, has developed the new car in collaboration with Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth, each providing much of the core design and engineering capability for the all-new TVR. This incredible project is already well advanced with over a year of development completed so far.

TVR will issue more specification details and early images later in 2015, but the car will continue the tradition of a classic British two-seat sports car with a composite ground effect aero chassis and body package using Gordon Murray Design’s innovative iStream® technology. Enthusiasts will also be delighted to know that the car will feature the traditional TVR DNA of a front engine with rear wheel drive and a manual transmission, powered by a normally aspirated, dry-sumped, V8 engine, developed and engineered by Cosworth.

Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR said: “We know that a new TVR has to be better than just good – it has to be outstanding. From the outset we only wanted to work with the best partners in the business, and both Gordon Murray’s and Cosworth’s track records within motor sport and high performance car design and engineering speaks for themselves. GMD and Cosworth are the perfect partners for TVR and together, we will deliver a truly exceptional new car.”

Production of the car will begin in 2017, and will be offered to the market at a competitive price point within its segment and consistent with TVR’s positioning in the past. TVR has prioritised the company’s position as an all-British institution, and the cars will be completely produced in new UK factory premises.

Gordon Murray, Chairman of Gordon Murray Design comments: “TVR is an iconic brand which has been an important part of British sports car manufacturing for many decades. Its return to manufacturing is an exciting development and the car deserves the best chassis and powertrain that can possibly be delivered. To that end, I am delighted that our company is involved with the project, and that TVR are using our iStream® technology.”

Bruce Wood, Cosworth Technical Director, said: “We are proud to see Cosworth’s industry-leading engineering at the heart of the revived TVR brand. Our team has been working closely with TVR and Gordon Murray Design to develop a powertrain solution that perfectly complements the exceptional performance characteristics of the new car. It’s an exciting project and one which well suits Cosworth’s engineering expertise.”

Edgar continues: “We are a well-funded, well-supported organisation and boast a vastly experienced management team. We are here to stay and we have a fully evolved ten year plan for product and business development, and are committed to deliver on all the targets we have set ourselves - as we have done to date.

“Despite very deliberately maintaining a low profile since completing the acquisition of TVR two years ago, we have had an enormous amount of unsolicited interest from businesses, individuals and investors internationally. Such is the strength of the brand and the passion of its followers. It is a real privilege to be a part of the revival of a great British marque - one that will succeed through our single-minded desire to produce exceptional sports cars.”

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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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T40ORA said:
Here's hoping


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Gordon Murray


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Well I had not anticipated that in my inbox this morning! Very welcome though .... LONG LIVE TVR ! ! !


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Midfront V8 Cosworth and F1 technics sounds very nice cloud9

Now bring out Damian McTaggert for something breathtaking looking.lick

I can´t wait.

Speed 3

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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Sounds like the lean production system is the key to success assuming Murray dynamics and Cosworth engineering are taken as given. Best of luck to them and looking forward to seeing the prototype.

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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Murray, Cosworth, TVR.

It's like a wet dream.


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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suffolk009 said:
Murray, Cosworth, TVR.

It's like a wet dream.
Indeed. So far, a perfect score for the new arrangement.


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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suffolk009 said:
Murray, Cosworth, TVR.
There's nothing about this that I don't like.


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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On the face of it this makes a very credible read, they do seem to have a proper plan here.

While we're talking creditability it doesn't get much better than Gordon Murray__ and __Cosworth, both iconic British brands in their own right its clear Les Edgar wants to keep the TVR brand British and will be relaunching the marque on that basis.

Les says he's well funded, and no doubt there are a millions involved but this is still peanuts in the world of car production and TVR will always be a niche market low volume producer of sports cars that ultimately have a very limited market.

History is littered with low volume British sports car manufacturers that have gone to the wall; but not all die, Caterham & Ginetta both survive mostly supported by a one marque race series which is a far more profitable business model than simply building road cars.

Morgan live solely off road car production but they only really keep going because they're so tiny they can immediately respond to small changes in demand. Only Lotus stands out as the nearest match to what Les is trying to create in company size, but he'll be fighting for the same customer base and it does seem Lotus themselves struggle to stay alive.

Is there really room for another Lotus?

Les needs to be careful entering the market as a medium sized low volume sports car producer as this is by far the riskiest bracket to be in, the safety & emissions legislation imposed by the European Union alone means car production is a very expensive business these days.

All the big boys are developing cars at least five years in advance, the new TVR may well be a forward thinking design but the truth is it'll almost certainly be non-compliant withing three to five years of its release. Building cars in this day & age is a business that only really suits the big multinational established producers because only they are shifting enough units to generate the revenue required to reinvest in the development of future models & engines that will meet the next series of cripplingly strict regulations.

And this legislation challenge is relentless, it never stops, the regs just get harder & harder every few years.

I'm a massive fan of the TVR brand, I love the whole British underdog story and the working class hero product they've always tried to create. But if I put my business head on I would not be queuing up to invest or get involved in such a company.

Can they really survive for longer than five years?

I really hope they can and they may well know something I don't, but the British low volume sports car industry has always been built on a foundation of passion, tradition & romance..... and unfortunately you don't build a credible long term sustainable business plan on on passion, tradition & romance..

You build a credible business plan on profit & loss yes

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The Big G

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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Fantastic news to wake up to this morning with some great names involved. Really looking forward to the next stage and more information being released.


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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What not to like? Bring it on! Now where's my piggybank.... woohoo

Sorry... That was the passion, not the level head. Agree with all that Dave says above, it's a very risky market for all the reasons outlined. But I wish the man and his team all the success as this is the kind of story that made this country great so many years ago. I hope Les can put some greatness back.

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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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'The basis of the chassis is formed by a structure of fairly big-diameter steel tubes, with ultra-light composite panels bonded in to boost rigidity. The construction method was pioneered on Murray’s T25 and T27 city cars, which demonstrated remarkable rigidity in crash tests. Materials for the outer panels are still being decided, but a combination of aluminium and composite parts is likely.'

Quite an interesting para seeing as TVR used that principle back in the very late 90s to deliver the TuscanR cars. Very labour intensive for them back then but certainly showed the enormous benefits over the traditional chassis.

Getting a renowned brand to rework an stock engine also makes great sense as it gives you the best of both worlds of a proven, reliable unit but the ability to market it as something much more fancy. I'm guessing it'll be the Ford Coyote engine in the end.

I'm surprised that overall size is to be similar to the last cars. I really thought they'd keep inline with the general growth of cars and get the advantage of something a little wider and longer that was less twitchy and more mainstream in size.

Very, very pleased that they've found a UK based solution to making the shell and chassis rather than just assembling overseas made parts to keep costs down. That's the big surprise to me and really, really pleasing.

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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Brilliant news. Very excited about how this progresses.

There are some amazing British car companies all doing well. Noble? Ultima?

All good news so far...keep it up chaps!


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Well, if you picked a British motoring engineering 'A Team' this would be it.

So far so good, will be great to see pictures and specs.


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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Any pics yet?


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Wednesday 3rd June 2015
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What excellent news that is, they are more than likely going to be out of my price range but I still can't wait to see what they will look like.