Amore Autos. What are they like?

Amore Autos. What are they like?



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Sunday 10th December 2017
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Supercharged5 said:
I've just got an answer from Amore. I think they can work out something for me. They seem to be cooperative and correct. I am happy!
excellent, good luck


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Friday 22nd December 2017
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Amore's certainly seem helpful I spoke to them before finding my 430 and like you need to export the car.

Now as for shipping the car there is a company found of transporter and courier sites called Urban Legend ........................... if Dimiter of urban legend quotes for the job .................................... run away very very fast. They are not to be trusted as we found out the hard way. My MGF arrived in country many weeks late and damaged plus it had an extra 2,200 mile on the clock!! We aid for it to be transported on a trailer and they had someone or hired it out to be driven uninsured I might add as they did not have permission to drive it.

Now needs a replacement front right indicator and a rear bumper minimum as it's cracked now. Might be able to salvage the front with a respray. The boot lid also has several dents in it that were not there and a scuff on the rear edge which also was not there.


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Tuesday 26th December 2017
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Thank you Brithunter, horror story though...

Back to Amore Autos, Paul and Mark turned out to be realy helpful persons, the probblem is more down to their current stock.
I am waiting for them to offer a Chim but they have nothing to offer at the moment. My only requirement was PAS and now I realized it was more of a rare option than I thought.

Waiting kills me.....patience is not my thing. Now I stuck home for the christmas period with the fund in hand, with the time for a possible trip for a car and nothing to buy....:-///

Anyhow, my best options is still to wait for Amore....


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Tuesday 2nd January
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I sold two cars last year to European buyers. One was in holland. Chatted at length over the phone. He wired the money without ever meeting me. Asked me to drive it (Westfield) to a port. I declined. He sent a transporter to collect. Done ! All down to trust I guess, and the weak pound ! £10k deal

Other was a Westfield again, to a French guy. Wired the cash (£14k) over without ever speaking to me ! (He didn't even know my address) Was going to fly over and drive back to southern France .. in a Westfield with a straight cut box!!! I did warn him! In the end he found he can't import a car with no cat to France. I wired the money back less £50 re-advertising costs. Sold it shortly after to a guy in Scotland, for £500 more. Again, unseen.... He sent a truck to collect. Many a snake would have kept the French guys £14k with practically no chance of a come back.

Lot of trust still exists in this world !

I will say I waited a few days once funds appeared before letting anything to, though my bank confirmed cash transfers can't be reversed. Once you have it it is yours . I did worry the French guy was laundering money.

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Tuesday 2nd January
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When I saw this post, I felt compelled to post a response.

I have been dealing with Mark and Paul at Amore Autos for some time now and wanted to share my extremely positive experiences, both pre- and post-purchase from them. From the outset, I found their candor and honesty refreshing, their genuine passion for all things TVR immediately apparent. I live overseas but took the opportunity to meet them in person during a visit home to the UK, as I wanted to import a TVR. I liked them as much in person as over the phone and while they didn't have anything in stock that met my specific requirements at the time, I decided to wait for them to find something for me. A short while later, I purchased a stunning TVR S2 from them unseen, arranged for it to be shipped to me, and the car that arrived was exactly as described. They took countless calls from me, were honest about work that had been completed on the car (and the standard to which it had been done), work that should be done and work that would likely be needed in the future. In truth they went above and beyond given that the car was being shipped.

Crucially, the real test is what happens AFTER you have paid your money and received the car - I can't stress enough how grateful I am both to Mark and Paul who have taken countless calls to answer my questions (always in good nature), offered their opinions and assistance (and still do). If you are considering buying a TVR from Amore Autos, go and meet them in person - they are genuine guys, passionate about TVR, selling genuine cars. These cars are not cheap to remedy if you buy a lemon, so you need to buy a good example.

Ultimately, I purchased my first TVR from them UNSEEN, based on my positve assessment of them both - I'm just about to repeat the process with a second car (again unseen) and I have absolutely no concerns about doing so - for me, that says it all.



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Saturday 13th January
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I finaly bought a car off Ebay (great condition, great seller, very good price) but untill the last days I remaind in touch with Amore Autos. I forwarded them the Ebay advert and they were kind enough to read it carefully and give plenty of advices although it was clear they will lose me as a customer if I buy this car instead of one they source me according to my original request.
We also had a long phone conversation, they told about the problems/issues I should look for on the car and they even give an idea of what tipical repaires cost.
They checked HPI record and forwarded me a screenshot of it.

I whish I could afford to chose from their stock!

I think both Mark and Paul are great guys. The way they took care of me showed that it is not all about business for them. I felt their sympathy and that they wanted to maximize my chances of buying a good Chim not for their benefit but for the joy of helping a TVR enthusiast.

If I ever buy another TVR in the future the first place I will check is their site.

So 110% good experince with them, I highly recommend them!


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Saturday 13th January
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That's nice to hear.

I've haven't dealt with them personally, but I can say that when I sold my last Chimaera on ebay, it was nearly them who won it. I was pleased with the price I got for it (looks like it's been written off by all the spares from it on sale!), but the second highest bidder who got outbid by £100 with seconds to go was amore autos. They are prepared to get stock from different sources rather than wait for people to come to them, which shows them to be enthusiasts as you say.


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Sunday 14th January
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Amore come across as good guys in it for the long term. Your posts have sold them to everyone who reads them, and they in turn will recommend them to others.

My TVR expert likewise is an enthusiast who always gives callers all the time they need to discuss their issues, and accordingly has a great reputation on these forums, well deserved. I thank my lucky stars I met him on day 1 of my TVR experience. After nearly six years with him I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, despite the 150 mile round trip.

There are a number of good guys out there, making the TVR community a joy to be part of.