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Temporary tyre plugs.

Temporary tyre plugs.



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Monday 30th April 2012
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We had a car at VMAX carbon suffer a puncture. With no spare and the tyre weld not sealing the hole, the driver was loooking at getting a recovery.

I had a temporary tyre repair kit with me:


Very easy to use. Not a substitute for a proper repair. I wouldn't drive quickly having used it, but a useful tool to get you going again onto a tyre depot. I always carry it on Eurohoon trips together with a pair of pliers for getting nails out and a 12V tyre inflater.

Anyone that does long driving trips may like to consider carrying similar. Especially those without a spare wheel. At less than £10 you may as well leave the kit in the car full time.


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Monday 30th April 2012
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Thanks! Great shout.


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Monday 30th April 2012
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Good advice mate. Heard nothing but praise about these from a few friends ; )