Brake pedal sinking on A3

Brake pedal sinking on A3



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Thursday 12th August 2004
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I've replaced the discs and pads on the wife's A3, had to remove on back caliper and detached at the banjo. Bled just this section and now I am getting the pedal sinking under load with the engine running, turn off the engine and dispel vacuum in servo and you get a firm non sinking pedal.

Have I got air in the system or is it master cylinder?
and other ideas/ experiences?



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Friday 13th August 2004
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IIRC there's a very particular method for fluid change/bleeding on mk4 based cars. Also pumping the pedal knackers the MC or blows the seals.


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Saturday 21st August 2004
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I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but there was a recall on the rear brakes of the A3.

It was to do with the conections on the flexi-pipe or something.