Brake Problem - Loss of power at low speed

Brake Problem - Loss of power at low speed



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Saturday 30th July 2005
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Just went out in the Cerbera, and at low speed brakes felt like they had little power or bite. However at higher speed power/bite was there.

Advice/tips gratefully received.


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Wednesday 3rd August 2005
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Have you got semi or fully metallic pads ? cos they take a while to warm up and work sometimes, mine are rubbish for the first few stabs but good when they're warm.


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Wednesday 3rd August 2005
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I assume they are servoed. In which case your brake servo may be toast or the servo hose could be split. As it uses the vacuum from the inlet manifold (normally) at higher speeds more vaccum is created, therefore better when going faster. You should be able to pull the hose off the servo and drive without it, just as a trial. If they feel the same with the servo disconnected, then you have found the problem.


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Thursday 4th August 2005
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To test the servo.
Sit in the car with the engine off. Press the brakes a few times. Now press firmly on the brake pedal and start the engine. If the servo is working you will feel the pedal pull down under your foot. If it doesn't then go look for vacuum leaks. If there are none then the servo itself could be shot. You can get repair kits but I don't like repairing critical items in the brake system so would buy a new replacement.