Paintwork Protection - is it worth it?

Paintwork Protection - is it worth it?


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Sunday 13th March 2005
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I am on the point of buying a 2 year old BMW Z4 and have been offered "Silver Seal Total Car Protection" for 249. Seems a lot of cash for what appears to be serious car wash/wax.
Does anyone have any experience of this or any other similar treatment? Is a thorough Autoglym waxing a cheaper equivalent alternative?
Any other recommendations - other firms or diy treatments would be appreciated.


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Wednesday 16th March 2005
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I wouldnt think its worth it - I have a Z4 and the finish is perfect afer a good wash.... ( by the way - my sister is selling hers if youre interested) 2.2 in blue - loaded with loads of toys ( 182 alloys, wind deflector, leather etc) and she wants about 21k.


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Tuesday 3rd May 2005
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i know a place in llandudno north wales that does that silver seal for 150 pounds my friend had his nissan 350 Z done and he got a certificate and the car looked sparkling. i think the the place was called bee clean valeting .