2 part metallic paint ........Where????

2 part metallic paint ........Where????



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Wednesday 23rd March 2005
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Hi, just popped over from the TVR forum and hoping that you might be able to help. I have the common TVR problem of stone chips and small scratches on the fibreglass body. Body shops seem to want an arm and a leg for what appears to be a small job so:-
1)I tried Chipsaway. They are telling me that it is a two part paint and so they can't do it.
2) Then I thought I would try TVR. They said that the paint was an ICI paint and they don't use ICI any more so they can't help, but did give me the ICI paint code.
3) Advised to try Brown Brothers in Sheffield. They can mix up a small spray can of paint and laquer, but can't put it in the post for health and safety reasons.(I am in Berkshire near Reading)
4) Tried their local branch and they only mix up the paint (no laquer) and only in large quantities for paint shops.

Now I am stuck .......anyone any ideas.

The paint is called Crimson Starmist and the ICI code is 4YJ 6B.


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Thursday 24th March 2005
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I don't know anywhere in Reading, but I used to get my paint from Morreli in Uxbridge, no idea if they're still there

A quick look at yell.com gives

Paint Shop ProductsUnit
37, Youngs Industrial Estate,
Paices Hill, Aldermaston,
Berkshire RG7 4PW Tel: 0118 981 6216

Never used them though