How often/ when to detail

How often/ when to detail



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Wednesday 20th October 2021
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I have an ‘82 911 SC. It’s galvanised and fairly clean as far as rust goes but there’s blistering round the petrol cap cover and in the corner of the door sill. I’m not planning on entering it in a show or anything but I wouldn’t like to see it melt.

Does rust ‘run away’ if you don’t treat it? Should I be doing some detailing each year? What is everybody’s strategy for bodywork?


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Thursday 21st October 2021
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Rust will only get worse sadly, best to catch it early and get it done.
If the car is a garage queen then excessive detailing isn't required, if the paint is in good condition a coat of wax every now and again would suffice.


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Thursday 21st October 2021
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If the rust was coming from the top (surface rust like you may get from a bad scratch) you could slow it considerably by sticking some wax or grease over it (rust needs oxygen to "grow") but with an old 911, it'll almost certainly be coming from the otherside and so paint, wax, or anything else on the top will do nothing to stop it.

You'll need to have it cut out and new metal welded in. I'm afraid that detailing isn't going to help.


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Thursday 21st October 2021
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When people see a bubble on a wheelarch and they say it's just started rusting....what they aren't aware of is to get to that bubble it's probably been rusting for a few years.
Left alone 1 spot of rust will spread across the whole panel.
Detailing will not stop rust