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Mr Will

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Wednesday 3rd February 2010
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We are aware that there are a lot of Pro-detailers using this forum who would like to advertise their services but are forbidden from doing so by the PH rules. There are also a large number of PHers who would like to find a decent detailer near them but don't know where to look.

To create a solution to both of these problems we have added a new section to the re:member member's business directory specifically for detailers.

The new list can be found here: PH Detailer Directory

If you are a detailer who would like to be added to the list then just fill out the short form here. Your listing will appear as soon as we've had chance to review it. Once your listing is live a copy of it will also appear in your profile on your "My Links" tab.


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Friday 12th November 2010
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Good idea but could they be listed under County. Nearer should be cheaper.


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Wednesday 25th May 2011
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Got to agree with this. Many of the adverts read like:

[i] Obsessive Car DetailingMr OCD - We are Automotive Detailing and Finishing Specialists where automotive detailing perfection is our every day reality. Specialists in Paintwork Correction, Enhancement and Protection using the highest quality products. [/i]

Which is all lovely, but is he at the end of my road or the other end of the country?

I'd like to find a detailing company near me but quite simply, via this list I can't.


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Saturday 21st January 2012
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Hi, as said previously... Could this list be split up into regional areas?? Its impossible to view which Detailer covers which area.




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Thursday 22nd March 2012
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just to add - a detailer map/radius would be really useful here -

p.s. good to see this part of the forum is well used:



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Friday 4th October 2013
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We have created a searchable website for people to use - simple post code search - anyone can become a member - all they need is proof of insurance (PLI and Accidental Damage), at least a year of experience, and happy customers we can call - no need to be full-time as whether you do 2 days or 7 days a week doesnt alter how good you are - its all about getting rid of the cowboys and brillo-pad merchants at your local supermarket - and promoting legitimate, professional, insured, and responsible valeters and detailers - we are supported by Dodo, Waxtec, Car-Skin and working with Swissvax - we have over 100 members so far but expanding at the rate of 1-3 members a day as towns and cities gradually get spoken for -

We have been promoting PVD heavily through Autocar, Piston Heads, What Car? and numerous other publications - all trying to engage, educate, and assist the public who don't know (or probably care) about the difference between an orbital and a rotary...

Daryl Benfield

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Monday 18th January 2016
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Who do I talk to regarding putting my business in the directory? I've filled in the relevant form but no one has come back to me. Cheers.