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Front bulb replacement - Exige

Front bulb replacement - Exige


Sexual Chocolate

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Tuesday 11th September 2012
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MY06 Exige with a main beem bulb out. I can't see anyway to get to it. Do you have to remove the inner wheel lining? Is it easy?


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Tuesday 11th September 2012
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Yes you have to remove the inner wheel arch liner. Can be done with the wheel on but easier if you take it off. It is held on by 2 plastic screws at the bottom that should pop out with a little leverage and a self taper near the top. 10 to 15 minute job.


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Wednesday 12th September 2012
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Did it on my 2006 Elise and found it quicker popping down to Kwik Fit and borrowing a trolley jack, gave them much amusement that you needed to remove the wheel to replace a bulb.



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Sunday 16th September 2012
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My missus had an 05 plate Audi A8 and the only way to get to the bulbs was to remove the front bumper. Definitely a "take it to the dealer and pay them £20" rather than spending ages DIYing smile


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Friday 5th October 2012
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There's no need to take the wheel off or jack up at all. Just turn the wheel 'in' (pointing into the arch) and off you go.


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Friday 5th October 2012
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as above
can be done without wheel removal or jacking up.
my exige sits low on ohlins so find it easier to lift car on trolley jack to give myself room.

remove liner as stated, slide liner down as theres a piece of aluminium at top of liner that slots up into
then undo the 3 allen key bolts (not the nut/bolts-they hold the light housing in place) and gently lift/slide the plastic lense cover off lights/car, being careful not to scratch the body.
unclip electrics, undo pinch clip thats holding bulb in - replace -re-attached -re-fit

do a search on mloc wiki for a few diagrams if needed




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Saturday 6th October 2012
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not too difficult, just be careful with the rubber seal that runs around housing, it can be a pest to get it back on if it comes off, other than that it's pretty easy.


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Wednesday 10th October 2012
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I do not tend to do my own work on car, but changing the bulb was easier than I thought, getting to the top allen bolt was tight, and you need a hex bolt to undo ( technical numpty soo no idea of its real name!)