What are you dailying alongside your Lotus?

What are you dailying alongside your Lotus?



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Thursday 3rd January
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Very nice lineup!


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Thursday 24th January
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S1 Elise with Audi turbo conversion for fun, and a BMW Z3 for pretty much everything else ... I only bought the Z3 due to the fact it had 26,000 miles on the clock, included pretty much every option available at the time of manufacture, and was up for sale at £2,000. Bargain!

Until then, I managed 9-10 years of daily driving an Elise of some description. I must admit, the water-tight roof, heated seats and decent heater system in the Z3 is lovely during these colder months!

However the main reason I opted for a second car was the 8 non-fault accidents I experienced; some whilst driving, some whilst parked (no note left), one outside a Lotus dealer whilst I was buying another Lotus, and another hit-and-run in a petrol station! I've spent countless thousands on fibreglass repairs due to other people not taking responsibility for their actions.

If the Z3 is hit in a car park ... meh.

My wife has a Fiat 500C, and I also have anytime access to a Skoda Octavia vRS - for mountain bikes/bigger stuff etc.

The Prof

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Friday 25th January
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This is my new daily while the elise is in hibernation.


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Saturday 26th January
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The Prof said:
This is my new daily while the elise is in hibernation.



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Sunday 27th January
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I’m looking for a exige 350 sport and going to move my Ferrari 360 on which is getting no use, but the market is difficult. My dailys would be a BMW i3 and m3cp.


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Monday 28th January
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Made me very envious looking at all these lovely Lotuses, I've just sold my S2 as I'm an old git and struggled to get out of it. It's not all bad, I've got a five year old C Class coupe as a daily driver that I've had from new, very civilised. Wife has a Focus ST diesel that we share, depending where I'm working. I've got an M100 Elan I've had 20 years and will never sell. I daren't say what I've replaced the Elise with but so far so good..


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Wednesday 13th February
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Have you tought about getting a Focus RS, or even a Fiesta ST. I believe they are practical enough to be daily drivers, but they are still a lot of fun.

Lemmy Exige Rus

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Saturday 16th February
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Exige Club Racer 2016

Daily driver is a 2011 Range Rover Sport TDV8 (Overfinch) exhaust manifold upgrade and also chipped.. Sounds like a diesel at the front still but at the rear, sounds like a 5.0L Petrol Supercharged. It’s a fkn maniac!

Chris Y

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Thursday 28th February
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My Lotus is an Exige Sport 410 Roadster.
Daily is a RenaultSport Megane 265.
Also recently acquired a 1994 Celica GT4.

All three are brilliant in their own ways.


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Thursday 14th March
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GT86, had it nearly 7 years and still thoroughly enjoy driving it. I got rid of the OEM tyres for something a bit more grippy. Would happily change for another.


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Thursday 14th March
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Daily is an Audi A2 Tdi 75bhp remapped to a very useable and entertaining upgrade possibly approaching three figures wink

Lotus Exige S1 for that motorsport feeling

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Sportwagon for Busso massage of the ears. Still staggers me everytime I drive that car how competent it is with the RHB Bilsteins and apparently standard power.