Car Management Failure

Car Management Failure



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Sunday 16th December 2018
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Hi All,

I have some sad news.
It was last Thursday (yeah 13th!), driving home from work and conditions were fairly clear.
I travelled down the road, noticing the windscreen was particularly dirty I figured I'd give it a squirt and make it all clean.
There are lots of country roads round my neck of the woods, so having a clean windscreen is something of a challenge.

Attempting to clear the windscreen, failed big time, the salt and dirt etc now worse than before making the windscreen to all intents and purposes opaque. I went to squirt it again but it was then that I saw the break lights...and I unfortunately wasn't able to brake in time...
The result can be seen below

Basically my version of events. It's all a bit hazy if I'm honest and I've beaten myself up all weekend wondering how it happened...

The insurance company when I phoned them told me they were treating it as a total loss (I think the car I hit, will need a new back bumper!).

So to anyone who's written off their car before, the insurance man says because it's a Lotus they'll have to get their engineer to provide a value, derived from an average of cars for sale. If that's right then my car just went up in value!!

I am looking for a replacement, not that I've got any money yet, but I'm hoping I can afford something similar.
Either another Ardent Red S2 (mine was a MY 2007 S, tourer with 45k on the clock), or I might go for something sensible like a Z4 depends on whats available really. I guess there's a moral like clean your windscreen before you set off, but that won't help and I'm only thankful that no one was hurt...

There's no accounting for stupid idiots behind the wheel so please be extra careful.

All the best.


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Monday 17th December 2018
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Bugger, that is a shame. Hope all the insurance stuff gets sorted, push for a decent price as they are strong at the moment so it will be difficult to get a decent replacement if you don't.

Accidents happen, I wouldn't beat yourself up too much. Hindsight is always the best tool but you have walked away fine and that is more important