Help can't fit Christmas present....

Help can't fit Christmas present....



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Wednesday 26th December 2018
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Hi all,

What I thought would be a nice simple job, isn't!!!!

Ive got a black petrol filler surround for Christmas, just tried to take old one off and it won't budge, Ive taken all the little bolts out but the old one won't budge, Im assuming to glued in, any ideas on how to remove it???

I didn't want to start getting a screw driver behind it......

Cheers all


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Wednesday 26th December 2018
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If its glued on then start with some boiling water, should soften the glue enough to remove it.


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Sunday 30th December 2018
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I think you just need to pull a little harder, once it starts to come it’s easy. Have done it on 3 of my Lotus over the years, never needed more than gentle persuasion. Good luck, they do look a lot better all black IMO.

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Wednesday 2nd January
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There is a cork gasket between the surround and the body which has a few dots of adhesive on, best way is to tape the end of a flat screw driver and using a microfibre cloth to protect the bodywork slowly work your way around the filler cap applying pressure, it will take time but it will eventually move.