Lotus Elise heritage edition

Lotus Elise heritage edition



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Friday 8th May
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Hi Everyone,
i am looking to buy a lotus but just saw a limited edition coming out, not sure is it worth the price, looking to enjoy when I drive to work as I am one of the key worker in NHS as well as hopefully the car wont depreciate a lot, do you think this edition will hold its value??


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Saturday 9th May
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Special editions make up such a large proportion of Elise models that they have bugger all effect on residuals.

Elises tend to follow a weird depreciation curve. Initial depreciation isn't much better than any other car but they tend to slow dramatically after a few years so if you want to avoid depreciation, buy used.


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Tuesday 7th July
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Check out S1 Type 49 and 72 prices against standard cars. They carry a premium.
Purchase based on what floats your boat, not what will hold the most value. Look for something else if residual is important, an Elise is all about ownership and the driving experience IMHO ;-)


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Wednesday 8th July
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If you're looking for a car that won't depreciate, consider getting an older Elise.

Broadly speaking, they do all their depreciation fairly early in their life, then flatten out at quite a high value (unlike 'normal' cars, which continue depreciating until they are worthless).

Some of the S1 cars, in particular, are now actually appreciating quite a bit - but are a lot more raw than the later S2/S3 variants, so it may depend whether you're willing to tolerate that.


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Wednesday 8th July
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If you're buying a new car you're throwing away the VAT, so there's instant depreciation.
Also (IMHO) i don't like these versions - i think the stripe up the back ruins the lines.

As per previous posts buying something older makes more sense.
If you are in no hurry i would look for the Type 25 supercharged (there's a thread about them open).
Any car with a supercharged 2ZZ engine will be good fun and probably not lose any money.
I paid 26k for one in 2013 and the same car is £27k now for what looks like a good one, couple others for sale.


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