Alternative to Headlamp flash

Alternative to Headlamp flash



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Thursday 24th August 2017
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Speary8 said:
I have always thought asking somebody to move over from the right hand lane to let me past by me flashing my headlamps tends to be seen as aggressive, even when doing the flash from a long way back.
Lately I have been trying a different method which seems to be working with no aggressive reactions from the other driver (so far).
If I think the car in front is not aware that I want to pass I put my right indicator on and move slightly right to ensure they can see the indicator in their door mirror.
Having said that if they dont see the signal or me; I LIGHT EM UP!!!!! which usually gets the desired result along with the finger or two.

I picked this up from driving through France in 2015 where there is practically no headlamp flashing and witnessed it again this month whilst on another driving holiday there
Which motorway does this work on?


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Thursday 24th August 2017
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richard sails said:
I tend to use my dipped beam on the motorways, when I want to ask someone to clear the outside lane for me to pass I flash then by switching back to sidelights a couple of times (anti-flash), it catches their attention in a totally non aggressive way and nine times out of ten they move out of the way pretty quickly.

Try it!
Not good for bulb life especially Xenons.
I just flash them.


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Thursday 24th August 2017
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Surely the correct routine is:

1. Wait for at least 20 seconds for them to move left (success rate: limited)
2. Indicate right (success rate: surprisingly good)
3. Flash them, be ready to nip down their N/S in case of brake check (success rate: high)
4. PIT manoeuvre (success rate: unknown)