Advanced Driving Links

Advanced Driving Links


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Tuesday 16th September 2008
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Here's a hopefully expanding set of links for anyone interested in Advanced Driver training.


The IAM :


Skilldriver :

Local group websites

Worcestershire IAM :

Forums (as well as this one of course)

Traffic Answers :

Hopefully others will feel free to add their links


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Wednesday 17th September 2008
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One of the best?


Old, but some good advice...


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Wednesday 17th September 2008
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Our site (no great shakes but it does have a Notice Board.


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Thursday 18th September 2008
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Don Palmer's Driving Handbook:

Big Al.

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Saturday 20th September 2008
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Please post links only, do not use THIS thread for discussions.

This post will self distruct soon in order for it not to disrupt the flow of the thead. smile


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Monday 6th October 2008
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Airfield based training for road drivers, trackday warriors or racing drivers. Trackday coaching and racing driver coaching on circuits accross the UK and Europe.


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Saturday 18th October 2008
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By far the best advanced driving coach I have used! Amazing driver too, he has won two races of the Porsche Supercup this year, the toughest Porsche championship in the world!


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Saturday 22nd November 2008
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Mikewaite advanced motorcycle instruction


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Friday 30th January 2009
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Mod note: Not sure what the relevance a pic of a Veyron has on a specific thread on AD links confused

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Andrew Walsh

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Thursday 5th February 2009
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220 airfield drivier training days per year, with Andrew Walsh (Won 10 Lotus races last year)
On road tuiton with D.O.T. A.D.I Advanced instructors.


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Saturday 28th February 2009
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High performance and advanced training on car and bike by Roger Salmon (ex-bike racer, police Class I driver and rider, consultant to Porsche since 1990 and more recently to a Formula 1 team):

For car drivers, high performance training to achieve High Performance Club entry level:

For bikers, superb advanced road and track training from Rapid: for a great range of car and bike options.

Both Roger Salmon and RideDrive offer OCN-accredited courses for those seeking the 25% insurance discount with Adrian Flux.

Rapid Training counts as an Enhanced Rider course for an insurance discount.

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Friday 24th July 2009
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Advanced Motorists of Northern Ireland (Region 8 of the IAM) is also online at
Here you'll find info on driving, details on the IAM advanced test and it's benefits along with news or events from our member groups.


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Friday 6th November 2009
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Track orientated but hopefully some useful info:


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Thursday 17th December 2009
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Hi Chaps

We do fast road sports car driver training, advanced driving and confidence building for those who can drive but have issues or would just like some quality driving tips.



Mrs Muttleysnoop

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Friday 1st January 2010
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CAT Driver Training based at Millbrook.


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Monday 1st February 2010
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Driver Development Programme
01763 287295

They are based at Prodrive and have a regular airfield circuit, alpine circuit and wet grip skid control ciruit.


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Monday 19th April 2010
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Some great driving roads in our area, young Observers and a serving Class 1 Met Inteceptor for an Examiner. Great combo, right??? Find out on May 6th...



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Tuesday 15th June 2010
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Ziemelis Motorsport - Approved ARDS instruction. ADI, Pass Plus and ARKS kart School.