Head unit replacement

Head unit replacement



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My Hu-850 headunit in my 2006 V70 is doing the classic thing where the radio is starting to die. I’ve had 5 volvos, and three have done exactly this, so a common issue.
May sound trivial loosing FM function, but as it doesn’t have Bluetooth I use an FM transmitter to stream from my phone.

Replacement Hu-850’s on eBay are £150+. Looks like I could get a double din generic headunit with integrated Bluetooth, music streaming etc for not much more than £200.
Trouble is the HU-850 is the one with the amp, centre dash speaker etc, so I’m guessing it’s not going to be a straight forward plug and play swap.

Has anyone done a headunit swap for an aftermarket replacement? I’m loathed to spend £150 on a replacement Volvo unit to still not have Bluetooth.