XC40 phone entry

XC40 phone entry



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Tuesday 20th October
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Hi all, after some advice . I'm looking into buying an XC40 for the missus/family bus and have narrowed my search to cars with either the versatility or convience packs (depending on model year) so that I get the keyless entry function. Whilst in a Volvo dealer today, I had a convo with a sales guy who informed me that all XC40s have smart ability which when setup on your mobile phone, locking and opening of the car is activated via Bluetooth proximity - like my model 3. He went on to talk about how the autos have pre heat function.
My query is, does anyone have any experience on the Volvo connect app in regards to locking and opening - does it work? It's faultless on the model3 if that's anything to go by.
Secondly and just out of curiosity, if it does work and assuming most people have phones why even bother having the keyless as a cost option - other than to generate the pennies.



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Tuesday 20th October
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I didn't think that wasn't an option yet on Volvos, I thought the Polestar 2 was leading introduction of that. Certainly when I was looking at XC40s last year it wasn't a feature.


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Wednesday 21st October
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Not sure on newer Volvos...Volvo On Call had the facility to remote lock/unlock on ours (2016 car). Did it via a SIM IIRC rather than Bluetooth.

Didn't use it often enough to warrant renewing VOC though.