Any tips for replacing a heater matrix? (306)

Any tips for replacing a heater matrix? (306)



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Monday 19th October
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I need to replace the heater matrix in my turbo diesel 306 (Coolant found in the passenger footwell, blower reeks)
Looking at the haynes manual it seems simple enough if not time consuming a tedious. but I'll give myself a few days to do it.

Just wondering if anyone here has done this and has any wise words before i start ripping apart the dash!


Penelope Stopit

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Monday 19th October
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Get hold of a spare set of heater pipes with the special adapter that fits over the matrix pipes, could easily break the original when trying to remove it

Get all bolts out of the dashboard and pull it back, you don't need to completely remove the dashboard, loom plug needs disconnecting to fully remove the dashboard and that looked a real pain to achieve

Once heater box is unbolted, there could be a problem pulling the pipes out of the bulkhead grommet.....

If all else fails and bearing in mind that you need to be gentle with the new matrix pipes.....

A piece of the grommet can be cut out, cut the center of the grommet out where it fits between the pipes (cut it as straight as possible), this allows the grommet to flex much more........

Glue piece of grommet back in when jobs completed, it will be difficult to get back in

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Tuesday 20th October
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The heater on a 306 was not one of Peugeot’s good ideas. I think they started with a matrix and built a car round it. Fitting a new one is a right pain, takes a long time.