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Tuesday 7th July
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Good evening,
I hope you’re all in good health. I’m fairly new to Pistonheads and this is my first message but just wanted to say hi to this group of fellow RR / Bentley owners, and to give a quick review of a specialist I recently visited, as I believe some of you like reading / knowing info like this..

I don’t usually tend to write posted messages like this (usually just enjoy reading others) but I thought I would this time, as I was so impressed with the service and work carried out at my last visit to Frank Dale & Stepsons new premises in Camberley.

So, I have a ‘76 RR Silver Shadow for leisure, and a 2010 Bentley GT for fun. As an owner living slightly in, slightly out of London, I found a few specialists were only a short drive away so would visit alternate workshops with my Shadow to try them out. I’m pleased to say that I never really had any issues with any garage which I visited. I was however fond of Frank Dale & Stepsons and a little disappointed when they announced they were finally moving away from West London at the end of last year. Fortunately, the team assured me that collections and deliveries would still be offered from their new place in Camberley and, as my GT’s service was due during the lockdown period, I got a booking in once they reopened. Their new place is great. Pretty huge and spacious, clean and bright, and the team are still as friendly as ever. I would strongly recommend making a visit, just to see the place if nothing else. The service was professional and fair priced, well, as fair as any Bentley work can be! They seem to have more modern cars since their move which can only be a positive thing in my eyes - they seem to know what they are doing and so my GT will make more visits I’m sure!

Anyway, thanks for reading / listening. I hope it was of some interest to someone.
Take care all and happy motoring.