continental gt tyre pressure sensors

continental gt tyre pressure sensors



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Friday 25th April 2008
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Just had set of GT wheels refurbed, cannot get tyre pressure warning off. Keeps display on tyre pressure not available!!!! I have spoken to Bentley Essex to ensure I am using correct reset proceedure to no avail. The technician has told me they are a poor design and they even have problems with sensors when they change a tyre, this cant be right!!!! 4 sensors @ £90.00 + vat and fitting re balance etc. Any light from anybody out there?? regards Mark


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Monday 5th May 2008
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I can't offer a solution other than saying that I found the pressure reading/setting section of the handbook a bit confusing.

Have you been through that section thoroughly and reset the pressures on the system?


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Wednesday 3rd October 2012
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Hi, Ive got same problem, Bentley Essex are not the most helpful people are they!! I am local[Essex] and if I can find anything that will be helpful I will post it, I was told that there is a battery in the sensors????? seems strange to me, and they only last a certain time??????............ "Warnings cannot be shown temporarily" comes up on my screen, surely if one sensor [battery etc] was down then the position of that wheel would be shown on monitor. [also if I accelerate really hard then "red" stop comes up,"you have a flat tyre"]then reverts to amber warning, TMS is on all the time when driving. I thought it was more lightly to be the module, if you get any more information then please post it or email me I do know of a local company who has a machine for removing/replacing tyres on these 19" polished rim wheels without damaging them. look forward to hearing anything on this subject. Terry.


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Wednesday 3rd October 2012
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If you pump up the tyres you need to let it re-think, reset from cold tyres and after a few mins of driving the new pressures pop up.

As for changing tyres mine need doing soon and worry that that sensors will take a knock.


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Wednesday 3rd October 2012
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...There is certainly batteries in the tyre pressure sensors. They are designed to last for approx
six years. If one sensor fails then the system does shut down.
However, what a lot of people dont know, is that there are two types of tyre pressure sensor. TPM1
are approx £90.00 each, TPM2 are £147.00 each. Dont get caught in the trap of thinking Audi ones
do the same job...they dont!!!

Taking batteries to one side, the sensors are usually ok. The weak point, as far as I am concerned is
the control unit. These tend to fail on a regular basis. They cost just under £500.00 and of course there
are two different control units.

To the original poster, Did you get your original wheels back from the refurb, or did they offer
a service exchange set? If you had a exhange set, you may not have the correct tyre pressure sensors
for your control unit.

The best thing to do if they wont set, take the car to a dealer, they can plug it in and check for
tyre pressure battery life and if the control unit is any good.

I hope this long winded answer is of help,