What have you done to your Mini today ?

What have you done to your Mini today ?



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Wednesday 24th February
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Got to book an appointment for a new screen as a stone chip that has been there for 4 years has finally decided to grow then i'm 95% sure i'm going to clean it up and move it on after 7 1/2 years.


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Thursday 25th February
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Not quite ‘today’ but at the weekend I finished a couple of week’s worth of servicing jobs on our 07 Clubman and then advertised it for sale on Facebook; subsequently sold it to our next door neighbour within 24 hours!

We received notification yesterday that its replacement, a Moonwalk Grey MINI electric is due to be delivered in 2 weeks’ time.


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Monday 5th April
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Shiny brakes. Yesterday.





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Monday 5th April
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Simple plastic trims that sit inside the headlamp trim rings, add a bit of colour.


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Wednesday 7th April
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I bought one!!

My first ever mini.
an '07 R56 Cooper 1.6

Technically I've bought it for my Goddaughter, but as she's still on a provisional license for a few months it's going to be my daily for a little while.

Today I've mostly been researching the best way to get bluetooth audio into it without spending an arm and a leg!
Also been researching the possible causes for the airbag light being on and the horn and lighter socket not working.


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Thursday 8th April
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I sold mine a couple of weeks ago and I'm really missing it. I had a wonderful 3.5 years with it and it never failed to put a smile on my face. It was only for sale for 3 days before someone snapped it up(I was watching it on the dealers website!).

A few pics of it and someone has got a nice well looked after car I reckon.


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Tuesday 8th June
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I picked it up from the dealer smile

March 2021 build Clubman Cooper S Classic - not sure if UK spec is the same but it came with piano black exterior and lane departure warning as standard.

Chili red, black roof, black stripes and Multiray wheels.


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Wednesday 9th June
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Fitted coilovers.
The front damper failed, and being at 62k I naturally thought the others weren't longed for this world. I was also looking at lowering springs anyway, but with the failed damper, coilovers made more sense, so went with BC Racing coilovers.

20 clicks on the rear.
15 click up front.

Rides a little firmer than stock, but is still more than comfy enough to daily. I do need to sort the alignment, and get a bit of front camber for a fast road setup.


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Wednesday 9th June
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Excellent upgrade. It was a choice between the BC coilovers and Ohlins when it came to upgrading mine when one of the originals failed. I went for the Ohlins. Yours looks pretty slammed there thumbup


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Friday 11th June
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Replaced the front main crank seal after it started leaking. Admittedly the very small leak had started a good few months back but the car has basically been parked up since the start of the year. Weather and too much overtime meant I hadn't been able to do much about it until now and I'd lost a bit of interest tbh.

Not the most difficult job to do, but just time consuming with having to use the timing locking tools in the flywheel and on the camshafts before getting it stripped down and replaced.

I also replaced the crank hub at the same time as this was looking pretty corroded by now, along with the crank hub bolt and the three holding the pulley on to the crank. Did the 4 rotations of the engine by hand afterwards to confirm timing was okay before buttoning it all up and going for the first start...

...which uncovered either a failing friction wheel bearing or water pump going by the noise. Disabling the friction wheel by pulling the little tab (if you know, you know) silenced the noise, but as that also stopped the water pump it didn't rule either of those out. It did mean that the alternator, aircon pump and tensioner were all fine and running okay.

I've since ended up ordering a new water pump and friction wheel assembly from Neo Bros which should arrive either at the weekend or on Monday, so I'll get the lil bugger back running fine again. I've also ordered a load of the fixings for the wheelarch liners as the plastic had given up the ghost after almost 14 years.

End of next week I'll be out terrorising the back roads biggrin


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Monday 14th June
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GaryF said:
Excellent upgrade. It was a choice between the BC coilovers and Ohlins when it came to upgrading mine when one of the originals failed. I went for the Ohlins. Yours looks pretty slammed there thumbup
I was tempted by the Ohlins, or KW V3's. The extra cost for the KW's was earmarked for something else. Luckily I didn't buy the KW's, as the tyres (225/45/17) were catching on the coilover, and rubbed through the sidewall in 90 miles. Dropped to 205s up front, which just clears it. Got some spacers to push it out further as it's so tight.


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Friday 18th June
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Morning all, just got my countryman plug in hybrid back from it's service. As it's a lease car through Lex my time with this thing is a bit limited. So with it's first service out of the way I treated it to a pipercross panel filter, definitely a bit more induction noise when you've got it turned up to full power.

What I'm trying to figure out is whether or not it's worth getting it chipped for the last two years that I've got it. I understand that aside from the mental torque figures and the obvious lol's to be had at a set of traffic lights, I might get a bit better mpg? anyone done it?