locks not working - 03 cooper

locks not working - 03 cooper



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Thursday 13th April 2006
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I got an email from my Mum this morning saying that her locks don't work on her 03 MINI cooper. Its two weeks out of it's warranty period.

She was in a bit of a panic as she decided not to sign up for the 600 pound extended warranty this year, so i haven't much information out of her yet, i am waiting for another email tomorrow (time difference). Any ideas what it might be..?

I gather it has been quite cold in the UK recently - maybe they are iced..?

Possibly batteries in handset, or knackered central locking motors..?

What else..?

I suggested whatever the cost, she ask that the MINI garage meet the cost at least half way - given that two weeks is shag-all IMO regarding warranty. Being BMW based, i was hoping that they might agree to this, what are the chances..? The garage is that in Bedford if it makes any one knows them..? They were very good on sales and other little bits and bobs that she has had done.

Cheers Buff