Mini One / Cooper Automatic

Mini One / Cooper Automatic



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Monday 17th April 2006
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My parents are looking for a mini and are considering an automatic - does anyone own this or has driven one?

How does it compare to the manual?


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Wednesday 26th April 2006
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I recently bought a Mini One auto for the wife.
I have been suitably impressed. it's a very drivable car both in Auto and
Semi auto its very responsive.
The only negative point is there seems to be a slight delay in pulling away, this is in bothforward and reverse, this leads to some hairy moments manoeuvring.


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Thursday 27th April 2006
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Just given back a One CVT 'courtesy' car, back into our BBR'd Cooper S. Thank god!!! Sorry, but I think the CVT box is woeful and ruins a perfectly decent car.