Buying and selling

Buying and selling



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Saturday 29th July 2006
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I need an "in between" car while I'm waiting for my new car to arrive in three months. I've always liked Coopers so I thought I might take this opportunity to try one out.

Wondered if you could help me out with a few questions.

When buying are there any weak areas to look out for?
What are the essential options. I understand the Chili pack is a must?
Are they difficult to sell privately?
Are the early cars more troublesome than the later ones?

Thanks for your help


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Monday 31st July 2006
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You might do well in trying to get as new a model as possible, the older models did have faults as you would expect.

Look here for more info you find all the info you need


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Monday 31st July 2006
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Yes, the facelift models (2003/04) had most of the problems sorted. I understand early ones were a little troublesome. You can tell the facelift ones as they have a fog light in the centre of the back bumper (older versions had a reversing light)

I've never seen the sense in the "packs" as you seem to also be paying for things you don't really want/need. I do think that essential items are alloys and a CD player (we are also regretting the sunroof over the a/c).

Yellow ones seems to be significantly cheaper.

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