Cooper S pricing

Cooper S pricing



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Wednesday 2nd August 2006
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At the risk of sounding like a sales post (its not, there's already an ad in classifieds) I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Cooper S pricing. Obviously the model holds its value extremely well, but with the new model on the horizon do you think this will have much effect? What price do you think is right for a '52 50k miler with all the extra's.... I've had a good look on autotrader so I've got an idea in my head of just sub £10k being realistic. Am I being overly optimistic or is that about right?


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Thursday 3rd August 2006
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i saw yours and i thought it looked about right. so many of them have been knackered in town but have lower mileages than yours...

how bad is the trade in at bmw dealer (you're getting a z4 coupe right?) my dad's bmw dealer gave a really good trade in for his puma...