Airbag Deactivation in a 2004 MCS

Airbag Deactivation in a 2004 MCS



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Monday 21st August 2006
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Hi chaps. Not posted on this forum before but with Mrs Weasel due to give birth in December, I'm investigating passenger airbag deactivation in her MCS so we can fit a baby seat in there. The current Mini car configurator on the Mini site lists passenger airbag deactivation as a NCO but a call to the local BMW stealer resulted in a £500 (inc VAT) charge (about 50/50 split for parts/labour) to fit the deactivation switch.

Has anyone on here already done this? Any views on costs etc?



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Wednesday 23rd August 2006
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not really an answer but until spetember 2005 it was a cost option (as was a cd player! ) then from sept onwards these two things became std.

i do not know about retro fitting. i think 'bullit rich' is your man...