Kids at Le Mans

Kids at Le Mans



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Sunday 8th September
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Starting to plan for next year. Ive been to the LM24 many times before, usually in a very small tent making the journey in noisy sports cars.

Next year I'm hoping to introduce my lad to the show. I am planning to drag my caravan down there and camp offsite at somewhere like Bounty Lakes. He will be 5 in December so the liveliness of the main campsites probably won't be ideal. Has anyone taken there little ones to the LM24? If so I would love to hear your experiences and if it was a good idea?



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Sunday 8th September
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Took our 5 year old and 1 year old in 2009 and stopped in motorhome in Tertre Rouge campsite. Had a great week with no problems. Now he's 15 he's pushing for me to take him again but might wait till 2021 so GCSE's are all sorted.

People may think 2009 is 10 years ago and things might of changed but I wouldn't say it's got any more dangerous / safer in that time and I've been going every year since then (but without the kids).

Obviously there's a lot of chunks of concrete little ones can trip and hurt themselves on and you need to be careful of the steep banks but as a parent you don't need me to tell you about the normal risks of taking children anywhere. Concrete feels the same if you head butt it anywhere in the world banghead


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Monday 9th September
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I first took Alfie when he was 5, I think he's only missed one year since. He loves it. It was hard work the first couple of years, he spent a lot of time on my shoulders. We usually camped with first tickets on the pistonheads site.



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Tuesday 10th September
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Stay in a private site with some security and no through road and you will be fine.
We've had quite a few families staying with us in the past and as long as you can pitch up away from the marquee, then it can be reasonably quiet.


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Tuesday 10th September
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I took my 3 year old boy a few years ago - we stayed on Epinettes and it was great.

If you are like me, you probably didn't notice that there are so many kids at LM for the 24hr. Turns out when you take a child, suddenly you notice that there are loads of them.... There are plenty of places to take young kids and there is a kiddies playground near the start finish as well.

Different priorities compared to a lads only trip but would definitely do it again.


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Thursday 12th September
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You guys are very brave!!!
The attention span of little kids is the biggest issue for me.

I take mine to the Isle of Man because I have family there. They like seeing the bikes racing, but for very short bursts.

My stepson has become a bit of a racing nut, all motorbikes, Always told him when he was 12 he could come to Le Mans. Took him this year with the lads, and the boy became a man. By the end of the trip he was looking after me! With so many other guys there he was monitored, coached etc etc, without me having to do much of anything. He will come every year, but he's now just one of the guys.

I'm glad I made him wait, it has made it ultra special because of it. The biggest issue with Le Mans is there is nothing left to beat it - as I said to him, this is as good as it will ever get.


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Thursday 12th September
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Agreed. I took my eldest a few times to the Classic but waited until he was at Secondary school before taking him to the 24hrs. So he already had a slight appreciation of what the event was like before going.

It really depends on you and your child. Some take to it like a duck to water and others will struggle a bit. It depends on what you do whilst you're at the circuit as well. Although the event definitely seems to have calmed down somewhat - or maybe we have!!!

I took mine to the WEC events and Britcar 24hrs when it was on, to give them tasters and see what they made of the racing. My youngest isn't as interested as his older brother.

Both of my sons are used to camping having been in the cubs and scouts etc..


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Friday 13th September
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Younger the child the harder it would be I imagine, but you’ve just got to adapt the trip accordingly. You’d know better if you think your child would be alright on the trip also.

Having a seat in a stand would make life easier and being open to limited time at the track.

ACO certainly seemed to be pushing more family friendly stuff last couple of years. In the ACO area and village area had children’s activities.

Loads of options for accommodation near the track whether that’s hotel, campsites or air b&b if staying on track didn’t appeal.