Breakfast club

Breakfast club


The Hypno-Toad

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Monday 26th April
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Arun_D said:
There will be a GRRC members' Breakfast club on 6th June
Sounds like a very good way to check how their COVID restrictions are going to work in relation to the bigger events later in the year. Smaller and more governable crowd to see how its going to function.


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Monday 26th April
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They are accepting entries for GRRC Members cars only, I believe it will then be a case of receiving an email saying if you were successful in getting an entry to display (much like the current system) after the display is sorted there will then be a opportunity to get tickets to attend but not display, GRRC first then Fellowship if the numbers aren't where they would like them to be.

I suspect quite a lot of checking of tickets on this one as people will no doubt try to get in if they can, running it this way gives something back to the Membership and lets Goodwood have a trial run of having a reasonable number back at the Estate.


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Tuesday 27th April
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Sounds like a good idea.