Wet & Wild/Marine world Durban

Wet & Wild/Marine world Durban



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Wednesday 21st October 2015
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Hi guys, just trying to plan our major holiday to SA in Dec/January...not long so I'm rather excited!

The GF and I love both water parks and aquariums so were thinking of stopping at the Wet & Wild/Marine World, only thing is our itinerary has us in Durban on a Weekend - 9th/10th January so am worried about business/queues and the ability to get everything done

Would the above be packed then?

We are trying to work out the most efficient use of our time, would we need one day or 2 to do both wet and wild and the aquarium or would one day suffice? - other option would be to add a day to the garden route - maybe some paragliding/bungee jumping near wilderness instead a few days before (still yet to finalise 2 weeks of hotels for this stretch)