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Monday 29th August 2016
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This is currently trending on Twitter and it's got me riled.

The jist is that black students - or learners as they're now being called - are claiming it's racist to be required to wear their hair in a certain way.

Perhaps I'm getting old but when I was at school, we were all required to have our hair kept neat. Short back and sides, no daft fringes, girls had theirs tied up and kept in place with clips. Irrespective of your hair's natural propensity to grow in wild ways, you had to keep it in check.

We accepted these rules and got on with it. If you didn't, you were sent home to get it sorted, or faced suspension or expulsion. 22 Years into a democratic society and it's now being applauded that these students are disobeying and ignoring the rules.

SA has gone from being near the top of the academic table internationally, to languishing near the bottom.

Is this protest acceptable? Where will it end?