Cape Town recommendations for evenings ..

Cape Town recommendations for evenings ..



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Friday 22nd December 2017
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Have to be in Cape Town for 1 week in Jan ..

During the day will be at the office but have evenings free -

What are the best evening activities...

Also one of my colleagues has a birthday during that week - any recommendations on a good restaurant - preferably best possible steak...


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Tuesday 16th January 2018
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Just do your best not to be attacked; avoid quiet areas, etc.
Go to the V&A Waterfront. Plenty of decent restaurants around there.


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Wednesday 17th January 2018
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Some excellent restaurants in Cape Town, lived there for 26 years and was back there in December. for most things, the Waterfront will suffice but you will pay a price premium, The Hussar Grill is 1/2 mile away from Waterfront and used to be Theo's Steak and Seafood - not sure how good it is but presume it will be OK.

My personal favourite is the Buzbey Grill, again not far from the Waterfront - the interior is very dated but the steaks are the best - same chef for over 30 years and he is happy to chat about what cut and how big a steak you actually want! not he best venue for a party and I would do that in the Waterfront as there are many venues close together and is very safe.

Tripadvisor is pretty accurate for Cape Town as the the restaurant scene is very competitive - hope you enjoy Cape Town.

if you are trying seafood, generally try the linefish of the day as most of the proper indigenous crayfish (lobster in UK terms) has been overfished and i have often found imported (frozen) lobster served in Cape Town restaurants. Kingklip (local fish similar texture to monkfish) is expensive.